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Business Culture in Hong Kong

Updated on Friday 20th May 2016

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Business-Culture-in-Hong-KongGeneral aspects of the business culture in Hong Kong

The business culture in Hong Kong differs from the European and the Western cultures under many aspects. Before concluding a business partnership or accepting to work in a Hong Kong company, people are advised to investigate the business culture of the city. Things like behavior, dress code and etiquette are quite important in Hong Kong.

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General etiquette in Hong Kong’s business environment

The business culture in Hong Kong means great respect for hierarchy which is why at a first appointment greeting business partners starting with the senior member in the company’s management structure is quite important. Foreign investors must also mind their behavior, as Asian businessmen put great price on patience and politeness. In the Asian business culture physical contact must be kept to a minimum, the handshake being usually the single type of contact businesspeople in Hong Kong agree with.

Foreign citizens must also know that the most employed addressing formula in Hong Kong is a person’s title and surname. The dress code and body language are also important when interacting with businessmen in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, enterprisers will usually dress in neutral colors and have a conservative style. It also helps knowing in that in the Hong Kong business culture, colors have different meanings. As in the Chinese culture, giving a gift is part of the business culture in Hong Kong. There is no need for expensive gifts but significant ones.

Meetings in the Hong Kong business culture

Foreign investors engaged in business relationships with Hong Kong partners are strongly advises to schedule an appointment in advance. The meeting etiquette may differ depending on the type of Hong Kong company foreign businessmen are in relations with. Discussions must be conducted in a very polite manner and supported with facts and figures. It is also important to address all matters with the senior person in the room. In the Hong Kong business culture negotiations will most likely take some time as all facts need a comprehensive consideration.

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