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Co-working Spaces and Communities in Hong Kong

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Co-working-Spaces-and-Communities-in-Hong-Kong.jpgCo-working spaces can be a most welcomed solution for growing businesses and investors in Hong Kong who also want to expand their professional network. The city is a financial hot spot in Asia and many start-ups are taking their first steps here. The easy company registration in Hong Kong and the lack of requirements for a minimum share capital are two important considerations for investors. Moreso, those who are looking to budget their start-up can consider managing their business from a co-working space in Hong Kong

The advantages and characteristics of co-working spaces

Co-working can help entrepreneurs expand their business faster. This is essentially an alternative to traditional office spaces, designated to one company that rents the property in Hong Kong or buys it and uses it to base its headquarters. In these spaces, entrepreneurs share the available working space, usually located in a modern building that has all of the needed facilities for doing business and maintaining a professional work environment.
The co-working space is set-up with a mind for doing business, efficiency, and productivity. Other individuals who are running their own business in Hong Kong will surround those who choose to work from such a space. This helps create a sense of community, helps with growing a personal and professional network and can help find new clients.
Working from such a space is more popular in certain fields, like IT, development, marketing, consulting and others. It can be a very good option for those who cannot open a Hong Kong company at this stage and are still conducting business as a single professional, under a sole trader in Hong Kong.

Opening a company in Hong Kong

Co-working spaces in Hong Kong are becoming more popular, and working in such a center is a rent cost-saving option for some entrepreneurs. Running a business from a central location in Hong Kong will generally be more affordable if choosing to work from a shared location.
While co-working is a good option for certain entrepreneurs, some companies in Hong Kong may benefit more from having a virtual office.
If you are interested in knowing more about the options for doing business in the city and basing a company here, please contact our company registration agents in Hong Kong.


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