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Leasing Demand for Office Space in Hong Kong

Written by: Editor

Leasing-Demand-for-Office-Space-in-Hong-Kong.jpgHong Kong property market is developing at a fast pace, for both residential and commercial sectors, due to an increase in the demand of the local population and businesses. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Hong Kong will also need an office for their business and in this sense, we mention that the local projects carried out at the moment will provide in 2017 a supplementary office space of 2.8 million square feet. Our specialists in company formation in Hong Kong can offer more details related to the legal aspects of renting an office space here. 

Leasing demand in Hong Kong  

A characteristic of the property market in Hong Kong is that, in 2017, the development of the commercial properties is driven by a high leasing demand which is determined by the financial sector
Foreign investors who are interested in Hong Kong company formation in the financial sector must know that the field will further develop in this country, especially after a trade platform was established between this state and China
Our team of Hong Kong company formation agents can offer advice on the legislation applicable to financial institutions
An important aspect related to the development of the commercial property market in Hong Kong is that the constructions carried out in 2017 will mark the highest level since 2008 (calculated taking into account the overall number of square meters built on an yearly basis). 
Investors should know that the projections for 2017 are showing that in the central region of Hong Kong the office rents may increase by 5%, while in other regions outside Hong Kong, the rents may decrease by 5-10%. 

Property market in Hong Kong  

Those who are interested in purchasing a property in Hong Kong should know that the prices vary depending on the region in which the respective real estate is situated. 
In the city of Hong Kong, the average prices (calculated per square meter) vary between $ HK 127,623 (for a property with a surface of less than 40 square meters) to $ HK 246,996 (for a property with a surface of more than 150 square meters). At the same time, a property can be purchased in Kowloon at much lower prices, ranging from $ HK 102,614 to $ HK 192,067. 
Businessmen who want to rent an office space here are invited to contact our team of consultants in company formation in Hong Kong for detailed advice.