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The Hong Kong Government to Revise its Industrial Estate Policy to Attract Investment

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The-Hong-Kong-Government-to-Revise-its-Industrial-Estate-Policy-to-Attract-Investment.jpgHong Kong officials plan on revising the city’s industrial estate policy in order to endorse re-industrialization. The purpose is also to attract new investments in value-added technology industries and to increase the manufacturing processes. Investors in business sectors that qualify as technologically innovative could benefit from these measures if they intend to open a Hong Kong company

Re-industrialization in newly provided buildings in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Government has recently updated its industrial estate policy. The purpose of this is to support re-industrialization and, in turn, to increase the manufacturing processes and the functioning of the value-added technology industries sector. 
The Science and Technology Parks Corporation has built several industrial buildings which are available for lease for users from various business sectors. The announcement was recently made by the Secretary for Innovation and Technology who also said that the availability of these multi-storey, specialized buildings for lease is part of the new policy of the Corporation. 

Investments in industrial real estate in Hong Kong 

Investors in Hong Kong interested in building their own, standalone factories, may submit an application to the Science & Technology Parks Corporation and they may be granted land for their construction based on merit. One of our company formation agents in Hong Kong can give you more information on building permits in the city and availability for foreign investors.
The building, management or conversion of industrial real estate is subject to special licensing in Hong Kong. Permits are needed for construction work and foreign investors, while allowed to have full company ownership, may not purchase land themselves. 
You can contact us if you want to know more about the Hong Kong company formation process and the requirements to open a business here.
Company registration in Hong Kong is straightforward and so is building lease. You can rely on the help provided by an expert in company formation if you want to start your own business. 


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