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Most Attractive Investment Industries in Hong Kong

Updated on Monday 13th September 2021

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A free economy

Hong Kong is one of the most important financial centers in the world and is renowned for economic freedom and positive non-interventionism.  Its economy is based mainly on services, and trade and it’s highly dependent on international trade and finance. Hong Kong has many attractive industries and foreign investors who choose to open a company here can invest in some of the key industries like financial services, trading and logistics, tourism and professional and producer services.
Our company formation specialists in Hong Kong can help you with general information about the company incorporation procedure.
We invite you to watch a comprehensive video about the most attractive investment industries in Hong Kong:

An international financial center

Hong Kong is an international financial center and business owners can find a wide range of financial services and products here. Banking activities are one of the most important types of activities in this business field. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is a good choice for listing for international companies and firms from mainland China and Asia. The modern and international financial industry in Hong Kong is comparable to that in cities like London and New York.
Foreign investors who want to open companies here will also need to open a bank account in Hong Kong. Individual banks, as well as branches belonging to important international banks, are based here, making it relatively easy to open a Hong Kong bank account.
The trading and logistics industry in Hong Kong is one of the largest industries in terms of added value and employment. Import and export activities are very important in Hong Kong and many international trading firms have based their offices here.

Want to visit Hong Kong?

The tourism industry is one of the most important contributors to the economy of Hong Kong. The introduction of the Individual Visit Scheme allowed tourists from Mainland China and Macau to visit Hong Kong on an individual basis and increased the number of visitors. China is the third most visited country in the world and Hong Kong is an important touristic destination.
Investors who open travel agencies in Hong Kong expect that China’s touristic sector will grow even more in the following years. Visitors from all over the world choose to visit this intriguing, beautiful and rich country. Its culture and influence spread around the world and its renowned historic cities and old towns bring more and more tourists to the country every year.
Irrespective of the business field in which you wish to invest in Hong Kong, this important and competitive business destination will always have more to offer.
Foreign investors also have the option to buy a Hong Kong shelf company, a ready-made and registered legal entity.
Our company formation agents in Hong Kong can tell you more about specific industries and business sectors and can give you personalized and qualified advice. You can contact us for detailed information.

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