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Open a Catering Business in Hong Kong

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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Open-a-Catering-Business-in-Hong-Kong.jpgEntrepreneurs who can combine a love for good food and some business and marketing knowledge can successfully open a catering business in Hong Kong. The food sector is well-developed and welcomes a very wide range of types of businesses: from fast food chains to restaurants, to street food or food order. Investors can choose to provide their clients with traditional catering services or by opening a digital catering business.
In order to start a catering business in Hong Kong will need to register their business as a corporation, such as a limited liability company, a sole proprietorship or a partnership – whichever business form suits them best. The Hong Kong company formation process is straightforward and first-time investors can also benefit from the help offered by our experts in company registration in Hong Kong. 

Special permits for catering businesses in Hong Kong

Catering businesses in Hong Kong can largely fall into two categories: traditional ones and online food-ordering services. The latter is a modern approach that is having more success as young entrepreneurs choose to open a Hong Kong company in this business field.
A food business in Hong Kong, whether it is a fast food, a restaurant or a catering business, needs to obtain special permits and licenses. The licenses are obtained from the Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. Provisional license applications are also possible.
The applicant must submit the requested documents to the Licence Issuing Office, together with the Report of Compliance. Our company formation agents in Hong Kong can help you submit the needed documents and obtain the license or licenses.

Opening a company in Hong Kong

Company registration in Hong Kong is simple and includes a few steps. If the founders prepare the documents and submit them as requested by the Companies Registry, the new catering business can start its activities within a few days, if the arrangements for a proper food storage and manufacturing space are met.
Investors must choose an available business name, open a bank account and choose whether they will buy or rent their headquarters in Hong Kong. The health and hygiene norms are important in the food sector so the venue will need to obtain proper approvals prior to producing the food delivered through the catering services.
Interested in setting up a company in Hong Kong? We assist foreign investors irrespective of the industry in which they wish to open a business. Important aspects such as proper licensing and observing the local regulations for businesses are easier handled when investors have access to professional services and adequate advice, complete with assistance as needed.
For more information on how to open a business in the city, you can contact our Hong Kong company formation agents.

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