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Open a Forex Company in Hong Kong

Updated on Wednesday 03rd August 2022

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Hong Kong does not impose particular restrictions on foreign currency trading and the process needed to open a forex company in Hong Kong is a straightforward one.
Investors interested in setting up a company in Hong Kong can reach out to our team of incorporation agents if they wish to know more about how to open a company and provide financial services to local and international clients.
A forex company offers specific services aimed at offering access to a platform for buying and selling foreign currencies.
Investors who open a forex company in Hong Kong act as the forex broker, and operate under the required licenses.
Before they set up a company in Hong Kong, investors can discuss the incorporation phases and mandatory requirements with our team.
We provide solutions for local and foreign investors who wish to start a business in the Special Administrative Region.
Our team also assists foreign companies interested in opening a branch in Hong Kong.

Forex activity regulation in Hong Kong

Trading in international currencies is subject to requirements concerning the licensing of the services provider.
The Hong Kong forex license is issued by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), and additional supervision can also be provided by the Monetary Authority.
When they decide to open a forex company in Hong Kong, investors need to obtain the licenses for the brokering activities.

Steps needed to open a Forex company in Hong Kong

Company formation in Hong Kong is a straightforward process and foreign investors have the same ability to start companies as residents.
There are no mandatory nationality requirements, nor residency restrictions in Hong Kong, however, investors of certain nationalities may need to apply for and obtain a visa in order to enter the Special Administrative Region.
Our team lists the main steps required for setting up a company in Hong Kong below:
  1. Choose the business form: the limited company is commonly used for opening a Forex business; the private form does not require a minimum share capital and it is a separate form from its founders;
  2. Decide on the particulars: the registered address of the business (which needs to be based in Hong Kong), the company shareholding structure, appointed directors and secretary; a virtual office can be used;
  3. Prepare and register the business: prepare the company’s Articles of Association and register the business with the Companies Registry;
  4. License: obtain the specific licenses for functioning; this is done once the process to open a forex company in Hong Kong is complete as proof of registration is required.
Our team can guide you throughout the steps needed to set up a company in Hong Kong.
We can also assist those who apply for a Hong Kong forex license.
A Forex company in Hong Kong is subject to the following taxes:
  •  - 8.25% corporate income tax rate on the first HKD 2 million of assessable profits;
  • - 16.5% corporate income tax on the remaining assessable profits, if applicable;
  • - 5% of employee’s income as part of the regular, mandatory social security contributions made by the employer;
  • - 0% withholding tax on dividends;
  • - no value-added tax.
Contact us if you wish to know more about how to open a forex company in Hong Kong.
We can assist you throughout the company formation agents, and for obtaining a Hong Kong forex license.
We can also help investors who wish to open a cryptocurrency company.

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