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Open an Advertising Company in Hong Kong

Updated on Friday 14th April 2023

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Open-an-Advertising-Company-in-Hong-Kong.jpgHong Kong is a modern and developed city with a large number of local and international companies competing on the market. Advertising has an important role and services providers in this field are known for their creativity.
In order to open an advertising company in Hong Kong, entrepreneurs will need to have a complete knowledge of the business field and the advertising particularities in the region. Hong Kong is not only an Asia business hub but some also refer to it as the capital of marketing services in the Asia-Pacific region.
Our company formation agents in Hong Kong can answer your questions about the requirements for company incorporation in the city and the requirements for foreign investors.

The advertising industry in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a city that abides by the new digital marketing rules and the development of this field are also obvious in the marketing industry: there has been a significant growth and shift in recent years from traditional, magazine and television advertising to digital advertising and digital marketing. 
Advertising agencies in Hong Kong provide all types of services to their clients, from conceiving to implementing the advertising and/or marketing strategy for their core audience. A collaboration between ICT companies in Hong Kong and advertising agencies is also a possibility.
Regardless of the fact that they target traditional, offline or digital advertising, company formation in Hong Kong will require the same steps.  
We invite you to watch the following video on opening an advertising company in Hong Kong:


Starting a company in Hong Kong 

Advertising companies in Hong Kong are registered with the Companies Registry both for local companies and for foreign ones:
- if a new legal entity is incorporated in Hong Kong its registration is mandatory for functioning;
- if a non-Hong Kong company like a branch of a foreign advertising agency wants to establish a place of business, it is also registered with the Companies Registry.
The private limited liability company is a preferred business form for those investors who want to enter the advertising market in Hong Kong. It has a separate identity from its founders, it does not require a minimum share capital and it is subject to Hong Kong’s low corporate income tax rate.
After the company is incorporated, the business owners may hire employees in Hong Kong, as per the local Labour Law. There are no restrictions in Hong Kong in terms of foreign company ownership – an important advantage for all foreign investors.
If you would like to know more about company formation in Hong Kong or if you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Would you like to open a different type of company? Our team has experience in assisting local and foreign investors who wish to start a business in many different fields. We provide complete assistance during the pre- and post-incorporation stages, as well as ongoing support, as needed, once the company has started trading. Reach out to us for complete details on how to set up a company in Hong Kong.

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