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The Limited Partnership in Hong Kong

Updated on Friday 20th May 2016

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The-Limited-Partnership-in-Hong-Kong.jpgThe characteristics of a Hong Kong limited partnership

The limited partnership is a type of company suited for two or more business partners who want to perform the same commercial activities and agree upon dividing the degree of responsibility between them. This type of partnership offers advantages to foreign investors in terms of ease of incorporation and raising capital and the management requirements.
The main characteristic of the Hong Kong limited partnership is that its founders can choose the degree of liability they can have: either limited or unlimited. The general partner will be fully liable for the debts and obligations of the business as for the daily management of the activities. The limited partner will only be liable according to the amount he is willing to invest in the partnership
This business form is easy to manage and can be preferred by those who want to act as a limited partner, unlike the general partnership where limited liability is not an option. An important advantage is that the limited partnership is not dissolved if one of the limited partners decides to exit the business.
If you are interested in this business form, our Hong Kong company formation specialists can help you open and manage a partnership in the city.

Registering a limited partnership in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong limited partnership needs to be registered at the Companies Registry. Following the registration procedure a Certificate of Registration of a Limited Partnership is issued and the partners can commence their commercial activities. 
The Application for registration needs to be accompanied by a registration fee and an extra fee per each 1,000 HK$ contributed by the limited partners. The certificate is usually issued in five working days.

Comparison to other business forms in Hong Kong

The set-up procedure for a limited partnership in Hong Kong is easier than for a private limited company and it does not require a minimum share capital. However, compared to the sole proprietor, this type of partnership will require more steps for incorporation and even for dissolution. The partnership will also have to comply with the existing requirements for taxation in Hong Kong.
If you need professional assistance in choosing the most suitable business form you can contact our Hong Kong company formation representatives.


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